Short Fics
Unknown Feelings
Pairing: Paul/George (mainly) and John/George
Time Period: 1960 - pre-Hamburg
Summary: George has just come to terms with some very strange feelings. And he doesn't know how to cope with it other than drink to forget. Based on a true story, where George really did get paralytic, Cynthia did look after him, and he did cry and say "why can't I just meet a nice girl like you?"

One Has to Look Grown-Up
Pairing: Paul/George
Time Period: 1958
Scenario:"If we wanted to do anything grown-up we worried about George looking young. We thought ‘He doesn’t even shave… can’t we get him to look like a grown-up?’
Once, George and I had gone to see the film The Blackboard Jungle. We had to go and see the film, just for the title song. I could just about scrape through the sixteen barrier. Even though I was baby-faced, I was just about able to bluff it in the grown-up world; but George couldn’t. He had all the attitude, but he was really young looking. I remember going into his back garden and getting a bit of soil and putting it on his lip as a moustache. It was ridiculous, but I thought ‘He looks the part – we’ll get in!’" - Paul McCartney (Beatles Anthology)

In The Tent
Pairing: Paul/George
Time Period: 1956, so George is 13, Paul is 14.
Summary: It's little Paul and George in a tent. Do you need any more summary?? XD

Pairing: Paul/George, Inferred John/Paul/George/Ringo
Time Period: 1962
Summary: Ringo is introduced to the Beatles wacky way of functioning.
Based upon Scenario: "Another great van story... once both Paul and George wanted to drive. Paul had the keys, and George was in the drivers seat, and neither one was gonna help the other out. We sat there for TWO HOURS."

My Bestest Man
Pairing: Paul/George. With reference to John/Paul/George, and George/Patti
Time Period: 1966, January.
Summary: It's the day before George's wedding, and best man Paul has doubts and nostalgia to deal with.

Stick It Up Your Jumper!
Pairing: Paul/George, Paul/Brian, Inferred John/Brian
Time Period: August 1964
Summary: The Beatles first time trying pot, turns out to be a rather silly and mischevious affair.

Who Better to Do It?!
Pairing: Paul/George, John/Paul/George
Time Period: 1960, Hamburg
Summary: George needs to get rid of this virginity, or John will never leave him alone.

A Friend of George
Pairing: Paul/George
Time Period: 1994
Summary: I saw an interview with Paul in this period, where he was asked a question about George. It's one of the few times I've seen him get really quite emotional... and it gave me inspiration for this, you see.

At Abbey Road
Pairing: Paul/George
Time Period: 1969
Summary: After the diagnose of Louise, George turns to Paul. A fic that deals with the strange state of the band in 1969, Paul's desperation to keep it together, and an ongoing, unbreakable bond.

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Pairing: John/Paul, George/Ringo
Summary: It's 1965, and a terrible virus is spreading. Those who get it turn violent, dangerous and even homicidal. Only trouble is, it's impossible to know who has the virus and who doesn't. And nobody is safe from it. So who can you trust?

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31 Chapter 32 Chapter 33 Chapter 34 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Chapter 37 Chapter 38 Chapter 39 Chapter 40 Chapter 41 Chapter 42 Chapter 43 Chapter 44 Chapter 45 Chapter 46 Chapter 47

The Dark Horse
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Pairing: George/Ringo (MAINLY), with Paul/George (platonic), George/Other, Paul/Other, John/Paul/George, John/Paul, Paul/Ringo.
Summary: Ambitious seventeen-year-old Richard Starkey has his life turned upside down when he comes into contact with the wickedly devious, yet deeply endearing, street urchins- George Harrison and Paul McCartney. (AU)
Warnings: Sexual scenes, underage prostitution, violence, disturbing topics.

Part 1.... Part 7.... Part 13... Part 19... Part 25
Part 2.... Part 8.... Part 14... Part 20... Part 26
Part 3.... Part 9.... Part 15... Part 21... Part 27
Part 4.... Part 10...Part 16... Part 22... Part 28, (section 1)
Part 5.... Part 11...Part 17... Part 23... Part 28, (section 2)
Part 6.... Part 12...Part 18... Part 24...Final Chapter (Part 1)... Final Chapter (Part 2)

Do You Want to Know a Secret?
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Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Paul and George, aged 13 and 14, are coming to THAT age.

Chapter 1 - the beginning.
Chapter 2 - the repercussions of what just happened.
Chapter 3 - George's turn to face up to his actions.
Chapter 4 - Paul's dad has a revelation for him.
Chapter 5 - After his Dad's revelation, Paul has a very important choice to make.
Chapter 6 - Paul spends an awkward dinner at the Harrisons.
Chapter 7 - George SERIOUSLY has to face up to his actions
Chapter 8 - Meanwhile, after Paul returns home from George's....
Chapter 9 - The morning after the night before, Peter Harrison has an ultimatum for Paul. And Paul has some business to sort out.
Chapter 10 - and THIS is what happened next....
Chapter 11 - George is pushed over the edge.
Chapter 12 - George turns up on forbidden grounds in the middle of the night.
Chapter 13 - The infamous hitchhiking trip begins.
Chapter 14 - The hitchhiking trip gets off to a shaky start.
Chapter 15 - The repercussions of Paul's impulsive actions
Chapter 16 - The hitchhiking trip continues....
Chapter 17 - Paul and George are able to get settled in a B&B, far away from home where nobody can find them.
Chapter 18 - While the boys are away...
Chapter 19 - George faces some home-truths which threaten to ruin the trip.
Chapter 20 - The morning after the night before.
Chapter 21 - At this point, after the series of events - it's make or break.
Chapter 22 - The boys arrive in Blackpool.
Chapter 23 - Young, free and innocent. And with a little bit of alone time. What could that add up to?
Chapter 24 - To quote Murray the K .. "It's all happenin' baby!!"
Chapter 25 - "How far has this gone?" Harold asked, "Come on George! HOW FAR HAS THIS GONE??"
Chapter 26 - The repercussions of being torn apart.
Chapter 27 - If Paul hadn't been dragged home from Blackpool, he might not have met a certain somebody
Chapter 28 - After a long, painful 5 weeks without seeing each other, what will happen when school finally brings them back together again?
Chapter 29 - George takes matters into his own hands, and makes a proper decision.
Chapter 30 - The end

Run For Your Life
Pairing: John/George, Paul/George
Summary: AU. After the war, England is in a terrible state. The rundown town of Speke is under terror; the gangs from the slums want their revenge. Fifteen-year-old George Harrison should have nothing to do with this. SHOULD have.
Warnings: Violence and sexual scenes and sexual violence.

Chapter 1

Many thanks to.....
For doing this really hot wallpaper for "The Dark Horse". Ain't it fab? <333333
and for doing this wallpaper of George and Ringo on the bunkbed, in "The Dark Horse". Much love for this.
and now THIS one of Paul and George brother love in "The Dark Horse".
And my favourite yet is here, of George and Ringo on the beach in "Dark Horse".
And this one from "Dark Horse", the scene where George asks Paul"can you tell me what love is?"
This beautiful background of our creature of the ocean.

LOVE these amazing pieces of art she did for "Pandemic" and "The Dark Horse". Totally made me life.

Well what can I say about THIS one? I can't believe it! This beautiful trailer for "The Dark Horse" ... i'm still awestruck! Thank youuuu! ♥.
And for doing these beautiful photo manipulations of George and Ringo in "The Dark Horse". They're amazing. ♥
And one of my favourite ever drawings, of Paul and George cuddled in bed from "The Dark Horse"
And this lovely art of young urchins Paul and George, in "The Dark Horse".

For doing this awsome comic strip for my fic, "Do You Want to Know a Secret". <3333333

For this "Dark Horse" inspired FREE PAUL campaign

For this lurvery picture of George and Ringo when they reunited in "Pandemic" =)

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